Welcome to Kent & Sussex Climbing

Indoor Coaching Sessions

Our climbing coaching sessions are aimed at improving your climbing ability. We offer one off coaching sessions or weekly sessions for enthusiastic climbers. Find out more

Coaching Development

We are now offering coaching climbing workshops, releasing a book, and beginning a coaching podcast to improve your coaching climbing skills. Find out more

Outdoor Rock Climbing Courses

Kent & Sussex Climbing offer a wide range of outdoor rock climbing courses from private tuitions to birthday parties. Find out more

Kent & Sussex Climbing is the South’s Hub for Climbing Coaching

Kent & Sussex Climbing offer a wide range of climbing coaching courses to suit everyones needs. We offer indoor coaching and outdoor rock climbing courses.

Kent & Sussex Climbing also run coaching climbing courses and workshops for coaches to with to expand their knowledge. We are also publishing a book on coaching climbing, and will shortly be releasing a climbing podcast.

Kent & Sussex Climbing also run their own competition squad, who are now sponsored by The Arch Climbing Wall.