Meet The Kent & Sussex Climbing Team

Hus Bozkurt - Kent & Sussex Climbing Coach

Hus – Head Coach / Instructor

Hus is the head coach and managing director of Kent & Sussex Climbing. Hus runs the Junior Competition Squad, runs our coaching workshops, leads our climbing podcast, and is the author of our coaching book – The Coaching Bible. Hus also runs an abundance of adult and children coaching sessions. Hus is now sponsored by The Arch Climbing WallSee Hus’ Profile

Chris - Kent & Sussex Climbing Instructor

Chris – Instructor

Chris is a director of Kent & Sussex Climbing, and has been instructor for over 20 years. Chris always provide a fun and exciting experience, and an extremely proffesional and safe manner. He is regarded as the best climbing instructor in the South East.

James - Kent & Sussex Climbing Coach

James – Coach / Instructor

James began his coaching career at Kent & Sussex Climbing, and has gone from strength to strength. James is an assistant coach for the Junior Competition Squad, and runs two out of three of our climbing academies. See James’ Profile

Paul - Kent & Sussex Climbing Coach

Paul – Coach

Paul is an assitant coach with the Junior Competition Squad, and provides the team with a huge amount of experience. Paul has been coaching for over 20 years, and once upon a time coached Hus how to climb. See Paul’s Profile

Mica - Kent & Sussex Climbing Team

Mica – Coach / Marketing

Mica is a regular face at all KNS events. Mica is very enthusiastic and creative in improving Kent & Sussex Climbing, and absolutely loves climbing. Mica is currently working on her CWA, and will soon be qualified!

Sussana - Kent & Sussex Climbing Instructor

Sussana – Outdoor Instructor

Susana has been working with Kent & Sussex Climbing for years, and runs the majority of our outdoor rock climbing courses down Harrison’s Rocks. She is incredibly safe, fun and enthusiastic, and is a great addition to the Kent & Sussex Climbing team.