Our Coaching Climbing Book – The Coaching Bible

About The Coaching Bible

Our Head Coach Hus is currently publish a coaching climbing book. The book is aimed at helping coach yourself, adults and youth climbers of all ages and abilities.

The Coaching Bible covers a huge range of climbing technique, drills to improve your climbing, and other coaching aspects. The book is very unique, and extremely detailed in the technical aspect of climbing.

The Coaching Bible was written by Hus Bozkurt, head coach of Kent & Sussex Climbing, and is sponsored by The Arch Climbing Wall.

Kent & Sussex Climbing also host a climbing podcast, and coaching climbing workshops for climbing coaches.

Order a Copy

The Coaching Bible is currently during the final stages of publishing, and will be available to order soon. To pre order a copy, please contact us immediately.

Sample Pages

Sample pages coming soon!

Coaching Climbing Book