Climbing Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Sessions in Tunbridge Wells

About these sessions

Our climbing injury prevention sessions are perfect for finishing your normal climbing session. This 30 minute class focuses on reducing injury, or recovering weak areas through rehab.

Our climbing injury prevention nights run on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, 9:30pm-10pm at Chimera Climbing Centre. There’s no need to book, just turn up! These classes will commence as of Tuesday 3rd of December.

We will supply rice buckets for tendonitis in the elbows, shoulder work for maintaining healthy shoulders, massage balls, foam rollers, therabands and much more.

These sessions are also great for reducing the amount of knotted muscles, mostly in the back.

Not getting injured is the most important part of climbing. We also welcome climbers who have their own physio work to do, but just need some motivation to keep it up.

These sessions are free for KNS members, or £4 for non-members. Find out more about becoming a KNS memberWe also offer other Adult Climbing Classes that might interest you.


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Climbing Injury Prevention

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