Coaching Climbing Development with Kent & Sussex Climbing

Coaching Climbing Workshops

We are offering coaching climbing development through our coaching climbing workshops, which are aimed at expanding your coaching knowledge. The day covers a wide range of coaching styles, techniques and drills. Find out more

Our Book – The Coaching Bible

We are now pulbishing a book on how to coach climbing. The book covers a wide range of climbing styles, techniques and drills. Find out more

Our Climbing Podcast

Kent & Sussex Climbing are soon releasing their own podcasts, whilst hosting a wide range of interesting climbing discussions. Find out more

Kent & Sussex Climbing are now offering coaching climbing development. We are renowned for our great coaching, and would love to share their coaching experience and knowledge with other climbing coaches. We are now running coaching climbing workshops, aimed at improving your coaching abilities. Kent & Sussex Climbing are also publishing a book on coaching climbing, and will be released soon, alongside a coaching climbing podcast.

Kent & Sussex Climbing are sponsored with The Arch Climbing Wall.