Skinner’s School Climbing Team

Kent & Sussex Climbing run the climbing team for The Skinner’s School.

The Skinner’s School climbing team will start training as of Monday 20th February. Training will be run at Monday lunch times at the school climbing wall.

To register for the school team, please fill out the registration form. Team selection will be chosen by those who have good attendance, apposed to ability, so everyone who attends training will get to represent the school with climbing!

There is a fee for registration and team training, which is based on per half term. The fee is £20 per term, and pays for the tuition from Kent & Sussex Climbing.

There will also be match fees to cover the costs of route setting and competition organisation.

Please use the form below to register for The Skinner’s School climbing team. Please also arrange payment via bacs for each term.

First Name


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Telephone Number


Emergency Name

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Payment for administration and training of the school climbing team will be £20 per half term, making it more affordable for all climbing enthusiasts. Match fees will range from £10-£15, depending on the location / competition, and will cover all costs.

To pay for a half term, please arrange a bacs transfer of £20, with your child’s full name as the reference:

Kent & Sussex Climbing Ltd           20-88-13           53489973

Eton College – Home – 28th September, 2:30pm-4:30pm

If you have any questions regarding the school team or climbing at The Skinner’s School, please contact Hus directly at


Kent & Sussex Climbing are supported by the BMC.