Meet Our Team

Kent & Sussex Climbing – Meet our Team

Hus – Kent & Sussex Climbing Coach

Hus - Climbing CoachHus is the head coach and managing director at KNS. Hus has been instructor for 8 years, and has been focusing on coaching for the last few years.

Hus runs the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad, and an abundance of adult and children coaching sessions. Hus also runs our coaching climbing workshops, and is the manager of The Skinner’s Climbing Team.

Hus is currently releasing a book on coaching coaches how to coach.

James – Kent & Sussex Climbing Coach / Instructor

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 22.45.04James is the a great coach and instructor, and works solely for Kent & Sussex Climbing. James helps run the Squad, and coaches our academy classes to a high standard.

James is also the coach of Charlie, our new Para climber, who hit 2nd place in his first ever BMC Para Climbing Series last month!

Paul – Kent & Sussex Climbing Coach

Paul - Climbing CoachingPaul is the 3rd coach who helps teach the Squad. Paul has been coaching for over 15 years, and used to coach Hus how to climb! Very bubbly and energetic, Paul is a great asset to the the team.



Chris – Kent & Sussex Climbing Instructor

Chris - Kent & Sussex Climbing Instructor

Chris is a director of KNS, and a brilliant instructor. Chris has been teaching his entire adult life, and is renowned for his brilliance. Chris’ technical and physical understanding is amazing, and his rope work is impeccable.



Susana – Kent & Sussex Climbing Instructor

Kent & Sussex Climbing StaffSusana has been working with KNS for years, and runs the majority of the sessions down Harrison’s Rocks. She is incredibly safe, fun and enthusiastic, and is a great addition to the KNS team.




Mica – Kent & Sussex Climbing Assistant Coach / Instructor

Mica - Kent & Sussex Climbing staffMica is a regular face at all KNS events. Mica is very enthusiastic and creative in improving Kent & Sussex Climbing, and absolutely loves climbing. Mica is currently working on her CWA, and will soon be qualified!




Kent & Sussex Climbing are supported by the BMC.