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normally refer to our junior climbing squad as a team, because that’s exactly what they are. The junior climbing squad was established by Hus is April 2015, and has gone from strength to strength.The Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad train at Chimera Climbing Centre, but are a different entity, and a real unique, special team. The Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad is sponsored by The Arch Climbing Wall, Cotswold Outdoors, Bowles Outdoors and The Skinner’s School.

Kent and Sussex Climbing are now expanding, and are setting up a new climbing squad in Canterbury, called the East Kent Climbing Squad.  The new squad will train at Chimera Canterbury Climbing Centre. We have limited spots available – if you are interested in joining our new junior climbing squad, please contact us immediately.



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Upcoming Events

Team Building, Changes, Events



Planet Laser – Saturday 1st September, 11am – 1pm – Planet Laser – Ashford, Please bring £20

Squad Trials  March 2019 – More info coming soon

Senior Squad Start Date 1st April 2019 – More info coming soon



**Recommended for Roped Climbers** BMC Youth Climbing Series, Rd 3 – 26th January, 9am-5pm

**HIGHLY RECOMMENDED** Blokfest Rd 4 – Mile End – 9th February, 9am-1:30pm

**RECOMMENDED for more experienced members** BMC Youth Boulder Open – 16th February, tbc




Achievements from the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad

19th May 2018 – Scottish Bouldering Championships

  • Livvy travelled up to Scotland, in hope to come top 5 in a national come to secure her chances of applying for the British Team. She battled really hard, and managed to come 4th overall – Huge congragulations!

Competition season is now over. Huge well to done to everyone in the team, and congragulations on achieving 28 podiums this year!

29th April 2018 – BMC National Finals – Ratho

  • Well done to Taliyah for making it to the National Finals. She performed amazingly well, and placed 12th in the U.K.

21st April 2018 – Boulder Brighton Annual Competition

  • Amazing performance yet again from the entire squad at another great competition by Boulder Brighton. Huge well done to Livvy and Taliyah for coming first in their category, Freddie for coming 2nd and Alex for coming 3rd!
  • Another well done to Taliyah and Livvy for coming 2nd and 3rd in the under 16’s overall, and well done to Alex for coming 5th overall!
  • In the afternoon, Dan entered the seniors, and managed to final in 5th place, but unfortunately left before finding out, but huge well done!

24th March 2018 – BMC Youth Climbing Series – Rd 2

  • The squad entered the 2nd round of the BMC youth series. Huge well done to Taliyah for coming 3rd on the day and 3rd overall! Huge well done to Sho too, who came 4th on the day and 4th overall!

17th March 2018 – Blokfest: Round 5

  • The squad had their final Blokfest visit of the comp year, and battled it out. Great performance from everyone in the team! Special mentions to Taliyah for coming 2nd and Livvy coming 4th!
  • Another well done for the overall scores! Thomas, Josh and Alex came 5th, 6th and 7th overall! Well done to Taliyah for coming 4th Overall! Well done to Livvy for coming 2nd overall, and well done to Freddie for coming 6th overall!

20th February 2018 – Blokfest: Round 4

  • The squad journey to Westway for R4 of Blokfest. Huge well done to Livvy for coming 1st and Freddie for coming 2nd – his first Blokfest podium!


27th January 2018 – BMC Youth Climbing Series – Rd 1

  • Our squad have been learning the ropes and entered the BMC Youth Series today. Massive well done to both Taliyah and Sho for coming 3rd in a very hard comp!

20th January 2018 – Blokfest: Round 3

  • Another amazing round at Blokfest! Huge congrats to Sho and Livvy for both coming 1st in their category!

10th January 2018 – Chimera Winter Comp

  • A fun day at the Chimera Winter Comp. The squad had a lot of fun, and claimed 3 podiums! Special mention to Livvy, Taliyah and Freddie for each coming 1st!

9th December 2017 – Blokfest: Round 2

  • Amazing team effort from the squad today. Everyone was very encouraging, and all of our newest members are performing amazingly well! Special mention to Sho for coming 3rd and gaining another podium!

18th November 2017 – Blokfest: Round 1

  • The team began their second season in Blokfest, and performed extremely well. Special mentions to Livvy for coming Joint 2nd, Taliyah for coming joint 4th, and Sho for coming 4th!

11th November 2017 – Battle of Britain

  • A few of the squad travelled to Manchester for the annual Battle of Britain competition. Huge well done to Livvy for coming 1st!

18th August 2017 – Boulder Brighton Summer Comp Adult Series:Round 3

  • Young Livvy, aged 10, decided to enter an adult competition to gain some more experience, and managed to come 3rd overall!!! GO LIVVY! Making the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad proud!

28th June 2017 – Castle Young Guns Competition:

  • The squad showed their true potential today at the Castle Young Guns Competition.
  • Huge shout out to Livvy who managed to qualified 1st place, and came 1st in the finals!
  • Another huge shout to Taliyah who managed to qualify in 3rd place and came 5th in the finals!
  • And yet another big shout to Alex Maltby who came 3rd in the qualifiers and managed to come 4th in the finals!


17th June 2017 – British Bouldering Championships:

  • Sho and Taliyah travelled to Manchester for the British Bouldering Championships and battled hard against the best climbers in the country.
  • Sho managed to come 25th overall, and Taliyah came 19th overall. We are super proud of them!

9th June 2017 – Boulder Brighton Summer Comp Adult Series:
Round 1

  • Sho decided to enter her first adult competition to gain some more experience, and managed to come 1st overall!!! GO SHO!

3rd June 2017 – Chimera Climbing – Annual Summer Comp:

  • With some of the big names in our squad away competiting else where, the rest of the squad entered the Chimera Summer Competition.
  • Well done to Yaz Haque for coming 2nd overall in all under 16’s!

2nd June 2017 – Welsch Lead Championships:

  • Sho and Taliyah travelled to Wales for the Lead Championships, gaining ample experience in lead competitions.
  • Sho came 16th overall.
  • Taliyah came joint 14th overall.

Well done you guys!

29th April 2017 – BMC YCS – National Finals:

Myself and Shoshana Dhadi travelled up to Scotland to the incredible, impressive climbing centre of Ratho. Such an incredible event and an amazing vibe, being surrounded by the best youth climbers in the country.

Shoshana battled it out all day, and was super happy with her performance, coming 15th out of all girls in category B accross the country. Really well done Sho! The Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad are proud of you!

1st / 2nd April 2017 – BMC Youth Open Competition:

This weekend, a couple of the squad entered BMC Annual youth. With the standards being as high as they can be, the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad were seriously impressed by the surrounding competition. Big well done to Yaz, Dan, Lewis and Taliyah for all getting involved.

25th March – BMC Youth Climbing Series Round 3:

An amazing day at the 3rd round of the BMC YCS. Everyone climbed super well, and made the whole of Kent & Sussex Climbing super proud.

Shoshana Dhadi put on another team captain’s performance, and came 1st both on the day, and overall. This means she has finaled for the National Finals in Ratho, Scotland. We are extremely excited!

11th March 2017 – Boulder Brighton Annual Competition:

Today, the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad visited the Boulder Brighton Annual Competition to enjoy the end of the comp season. Everyone had lots of fun and climbed extremely well, with Olivia Gent, Maddie George and Yazmin Haque all on the podium.

4th March 2017 – Blokfest Finals:

Today, the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad visited The Castle for the Blokfest final round. The entire team had an incredible performance, and added more podiums to the count.

  • Olivia Gent came 1st in the final round, and emerged 1st overall after winning every round out right.
  • Taliyah Dahdi came 1st in the final round, and emerged as 2nd overall.
  • Shoshana came 3rd on the day, and 3rd overall too!

Great performance – super proud!

25th February 2017 – BMC Youth Series:

  • Today, 3 of the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad visited High Sports Brighton for round 2 of the BMC Youth Climbing Series.
  • A really good round, experience and learning curve from anyone, with a huge positive attitude. Excited for round 3!!

11th February 2017 – Blokfest Round 4:

A great round all in all for the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad. We travelled to the WestWay Climbing Centre for the 4th round of Blokfest. Great results accross the board, with another exceptional performance from Olivia Gent. She once again came first in the Youth E category, making it 4 wins out of 4, with only one more left to go! We’re excited for the finals!

28th January 2017 – BMC Youth Climbing Series, round 1:

5 members of the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad entered the BMC Series, which is a national competition, split into multiple regions. It consists of the best climbers around, and combines both bouldering and lead climbing.

Being a bouldering focused squad, we didn’t aim to high in our first year, but were really pleased with our performance. Huge special mention to Shoshana Dahdi, who put on a true captains performance.

On the final lead climb, she badly injured her arm, and wasn’t sure if she could continue through with the bouldering. After discovering she was currently top, she decided to power through, and easily held her ground on the bouldering, and emerged 1st is her category!

Big well done to Lewis, Maddie, Livvy and Taliyah for awesome performances too.

14th January 2017 – Blokfest Round Three:

Even more pressure at this round, being the closest form to a home advantage that the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad have, considering they train primarily at the Chimera Centre.

Another great day, with everyone getting their best scores!

Special mentions to:

  • Olivia Gent, who came 1st in her category again!
  • Taliyah Dahdi, who came Joint 1st in her category!
  • Shoshana Dahdi, who absolutely smashed it and hit 2nd spot in her category, and was the 3rd highest scoring female junior at Blokfest.

10th December 2016 – Blokfest Round Two:

Definitely feeling some pressure after shocking ourselves in round one. A busy day with 416 people who entered their scorecards.

Big well done to everyone who took part from theKent & Sussex Climbing Squad. Special mentions to:

  • Olivia Gent who came 1st in her category by 15 points, and now ahead by 32 points overall!
  • Taliyah Dahdi who came out 1st in the Youth D Girls category, and is 2nd overall, 1 point behind first place!
  • Shoshanna Dahdi came 5th in the tough Youth C Girls category, and is now 4th overall.
  • Lewis Tong came 4th in the Youth C category, and is in 4th place overall.
  • Maddie George who came 5th in her category, and is now 5th overall!!!

Huge well done to the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad, great scores from a great squad. Super proud.

20th November 2016 – The Fall Climbing Competition:

  • Olivia Gent entered her first roped climbing competition at the Leeds Climbing Competition, and came 6th overall in Category D with minimal rope climbing experience! Big well done to Livvy!

5th November 2016 – Blokfest Round One:

Being a new squad, the nerves from the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad were high, and the pressure was low. Blokfest is the biggest competition in the South by far, and potentially the biggest competition across the UK. 488 people entered their scorecards, with squads from all other the country coming together to battle it out on some great problems.

However, all expectations from everyone were blown through the roof. The Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad were one of the only squads who managed to podium 3 times in total!

  • In the Youth E Girls, Olivia Gent came out 1st!
  • In the Youth D Girls, Taliyah Dahdi came out 2nd!
  • In Youth C Boys, Lewis Tong came out 3rd!
  • In Youth C Girls, Shoshanna Dahdi came 5th, which is arguable the hardest category to be in.

Huge well done to everyone who competed, great scores all round!

2nd July 2016 – Castle Young Guns Competition:

This was our first competition with the new squad members, with Daniel Johnson and Tom Donno not entering due to an age limit of 14.

Lewis Tong climb extremely well, and managed to final, and came 5th overall, and did the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad super proud!! Moment to remember forever. Well done Lewis!

Skinner’s School Team 2015-2016 Overview:

A large proportion of the squad also represent KSClimbing through The Skinner’s School Climbing Team. Our first year as a school team was unbelievable. The team played 35 schools in the year, and came 1st in every category in every fixture / round.

They were announced KSBL champions, and emerged champions after a tough finals in the Boulder Brighton Inter School Competition:

April 2016 – Squad Expansion:

In April 2016, everything changed. After a smashing first year exceeding all possible expectations, we decided to take things seriously.

The Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad expanded from 4 children to 15 children, and with the new wall built in Tunbridge Wells, we were able to up training to twice a week!

Boulder Brighton Competition 2016:

We also entered the Annual Competition at Boulder Brighton.

Normally a big competition with a few big names there, including the Blokfest Junior Champion, we were all a bit nervous. But, after an amazing display, Shoshanna Dahdi came first in her age category and 2nd overall, which was a phenomenal moment. Daniel Johnson also did amazingly well, coming 3rd overall in the junior males, with Tom Donno climbing with an injury to place 11th, and Josh Chillington just behind at 12th.

Maddy George, on her trials for the expansion of the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad, entered the competition too, and came first in her Category… We were very impressed!!

Westway Super League Round One Results 2016:

With permission to leave the school, the boys from the squad travelled to West London for the Super League Junior’s Competition.

Daniel Johnson took first place, with Tom Donno also hogging the podium, and Josh Chillington doing extremely well at 5th place.

Blokfest 2015/16 Results:

Considering that the second youngest squad is 2 and a half years old, and most squads train 2/3 times a week, and we started off less than a year ago, and only trained once a fortnight, the results were astonishing, and we were insanely proud of the young Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad.

In Blokfest, Daniel Johnson came 24th, Tom Donno came 37th (despite two injuries holding him back), and Josh Chillington came 45th. They were all in the Male Under 16 category, out of 177 people who had entered the competition.

Shoshanna Dahdi(12), entering the female under 16’s, came 22nd overall out of 146 people who had entered the competition, and managed a whopping 200 points in the finals.

Hus entered Blokfest this year alongside the Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad, and placed 12th overall in the male open category.

James was 17th at Blokfest at one point, before having to pull out due to an injury warning.

April 2015 – The beginning of the squad!:

The Kent & Sussex Climbing Squad started off training once a fortnight at The Arch Climbing Centre, and consisted of 4 young climbers representing the company.